Garden Maintenance Know-How: Simple Weed Control Tips for the Garden


Weeds can be a real hindrance in any garden and what may appear only a small issue could quickly evolve into a major problem. Take a look at a handful of top tips that can help stop weeds in their tracks.

Early Preventative Measures

Many studies have found that early weed control is able to prevent these invasive species from fully taking hold within a garden. Should the area be maintained in a proactive manner, roots will not be as endemic and in turn, weeds present much less of a problem.

Maintaining the Health of the Soil

The organic matter within the soil is another issue. Healthy soil maintains surface residues and provides any desired plants with the nutrients that they require. Above all, an unhealthy soil will make it more difficult for traditional plants to grow. This will give rise to the possibility of weeds entering.

Tilling and Mulching

A sizeable portion of garden maintenance revolves around tilling and mulching the soil. Many professionals cite the fact that such processes tend to aerate the garden. Another massive benefit is that by placing mulch atop any bare patches, weeds will have a much more difficult time growing.

Natural Weed Control

Of course, there can be times when the help of a trained specialist is required. Only natural forms of weed control should be chosen. These environmentally friendly alternatives will help to protect existing plant life and are particularly important for homes with have children or pets.

Preventing weeds within a garden takes a bit of time and preparation. Nonetheless, this handful of simple steps can enable any property owner to make certain that his or her garden is in the best condition possible.


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