Two Natural Solutions that Can Help in Garden Maintenance


Pests attack your garden to suck the sap out of the plants, which leads to browning and wilting or to feed on the leaves, which creates large holes on the leaves. A proper garden maintenance routine helps you to spot the early signs of pest infestations.


These include aphids, mealy bugs, mealy aphids, capsid bugs, red spider mites and other insects with needle-like mouth-parts that suck out the plant’s nutrients.

Chewing pests include slugs, caterpillars, weevils, chafer bugs, cutworms and crickets that eat away the leaves, which not only reduces growth but also causes the plants to dry up.

Most pests are easy to control without the use of harmful chemical pesticides that indiscriminately kills all the insects in your garden – including the beneficial ones such a bees and butterflies.

Natural, non-toxic insect repellents let you rid your garden of the annoying pests without killing the insects that your garden needs to bloom and thrive or harming the environment. Here are a few remedies that you can apply to your garden in case of a pest attack.


Mix a few drops of ivory soap and two tablespoons of cayenne pepper into a quart of water and leave the mixture to stand overnight. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply to your plants, both on the upper and lower side of the leaves.

Mealybugs, aphids and mites

Mix a few drops of soap with a tablespoon of canola oil into a litre of water and pour into a spray bottle. Apply on both sides of the leaves of your infected plants and let the oil smother the pests.

In case, you need professional help with your garden be sure to give your local landscaping company a call.




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