Garden Maintenance: Pruning Tips for Common Types of Garden Trees


When you carry out your gardening duties you may be more concerned with watering the plants than pruning the trees, but it is a very vital task. Pruning your trees when they need it is important for the following reasons:

  1. Removing dead, weak and diseased branches from your garden trees allows them to give their nutrients to the healthy ones, which in turn allows the tree to thrive.
  2. Occasionally it is important to trim heavily leaved canopies to ensure that the sunlight can make it through to the lower branches.

The Common Ash, Common Beech and Birch are to name but a few trees that thrive in the UK; any of these will need pruning as they grow.

When you come to prune your garden trees for garden maintenance, it is important to start with the damaged and broken limbs, this is for a few reasons:

  1. This gives the tree more chance to get the precious nutrients to the healthy branches.
  2. This prevents the spread of disease.
  3. This shows you what you have left to work with when trying to leave a natural and symmetrical shape.

You can then continue onto the rest of the branches that need tending to whilst keeping the reasons for pruning at the forefront of your mind. This will ensure that you avoid over pruning and damaging the tree.

Using sterilised pruning tools and discarding of the pruned wood safely when you are done is crucial to prevent the spread of any infection that the previous tree may have been harbouring. The best way to discard your pruned wood is to either have a bonfire as long as the branches are allowed to dry out fully and are not too sap filled, i.e. deciduous trees, or they can be cut up small and placed in your garden collection bags for the waste collectors.


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