Garden Maintenance: The Right Care for the Right Plants


Choosing the best plants for a garden can be somewhat challenging. Not only must the plant or shrub’s beauty be taken into account, but other characteristics to be considered include shape, size, colour, and specific care instructions. In particular, many experts feel that the shape and the size of plants will have an impact upon the overall “feel” of any garden.

The Impact of Natural Conditions

Three very important factors to consider are weather, soil, and sunlight. Obviously, some plants are better designed for shade whilst others such as aloe, cacti, and other succulents are suited to absorb copious amounts of sun. Some are perennials (such as Veronica or Russian sage) and a number of species will need to be planted every year. Soil is another factor. Should a garden have low nutrients in the soil, the hearty varieties including Lenten rose and periwinkle are best options.

Accommodating Future Needs

Assuming that the correct plants have been chosen, how can the space of a garden be properly used so that future plants can be added? Potted plants are a great way to address this need. Those who choose in-ground planting should make sure that roots penetrate vertically into the ground as opposed to sprawling out horizontally. It is also wise to set aside a specific portion of the garden for plants, herbs, or shrubs that you wish to cultivate eventually.

Design and Practicality

Those who are more interested in the visual design of a garden should choose plants that exhibit an outward appeal. Flowering species and those which boast unique shapes (such as blue star ferns or bonsai trees) are excellent choices. Practical gardens embrace a low-maintenance and yet hearty characteristic. Sedum, agastache, and yucca are three good examples.

Appreciating and performing proper garden maintenance is a sure fire way to address unique requirements whilst imbuing beauty to any exterior space.


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